Holidays Clubs Across Hertfordshire

Many churches work together across the summer months providing Holiday Clubs for children in their town or village.  These clubs provide a great support to working parents over the summer months as well as help many Children, often from outside the churches, to hear about Jesus.  Several of these clubs are being advertised on our Events page this year along side other ecumenical events.

If your Church or group of Churches is offering a holiday club please do contact us and we can help tell people about it.

World War One Remembrance – 100 Days of Prayer

Many hundreds of local groups of churches across England will be working together in the next few months, often in partnership with schools, Local Authorities, British Legion etc. to remember 100 years since the end of World War One and specifically to pray for peace

Both churches and individuals will be promoting prayer together for peace, hope and reconciliation, during the 100 days that will run up to November 11th from August 4th. This replicates a call for prayer from King George V that preceded the Armistice in 1918 and for which new devotional material has been produced for use each day. 

HOPE, the ecumenical charity which co-published The Servant Queen and the King She Serves, is coordinating this season of prayers for peace. Church leaders, Christian ministries, charities and members of the Armed Forces from Britain and the Commonwealth have provided prayers and suggestions for peace-making activities. These 100 Days of Peace and Hope have been collated online at

They are available free to be used by individuals, churches and schools in villages, towns and cities across the UK to reflect on the losses of war, and to work and pray for peace. In his introduction to 100 Days of Peace and Hope Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby writes, ‘From 4 August 2018, in churches across this country, let us mark 100 days with prayers for peace, hope and reconciliation.’

Many organisations and denominations are working together to provide Remembrance 100 resources for local churches and communities. These include the Armed Forces Christian Union, Bible Society, Christian Vision for Men, Church of England, Churches Together in England, Deo Gloria Trust, HOPE, Lifewords, the Methodist Church in Britain, the Peace Alliance, the United Reformed Church, Scripture Union, Sports Chaplaincy UK, and the World Prayer Centre

 Click here to see the 4 August 1918 Order of Service for the National Day of Prayer.  thanks to the Archive of the Methodist Church.  

A number of key resources that are being made available through the dedicated website These include the facsimile soldiers Gospels produced in 2014, alongside many new resources that includes the booklet Silence, a film from Bible Society of the text used in Memorial Services, Church of England Liturgies and prayers, school  lesson plans, group discussion material, and more resources to be added.  

Please do keep check on the Remembrance 100 website as you prepare for your own remembrance events this year. 

Grants for mission

An opportunity for grants to aid work for the Kingdom has emerged from the wave of prayer called Thy Kingdom Come that swept across the nation in the days leading up to Pentecost when people prayed that others too should have the chance to know Jesus.  Now, aided by a fund, Christians of all traditions can work for the fulfilment of that same prayer. Behind Thy Kingdom Come was an initiative of the Archbishops of York and Canterbury in 2016 which soon spread across the world. It caught the imaginations of many, and this year it has been even bigger. The 2017 conclusion in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire was a moving Pentecost Service in St Albans Cathedral. A collection was taken, and the proceeds were to be split between paying for the event itself and setting up a fund for local mission. This is the money now on offer. The collection raised £1400 for mission!The money is being given in seven grants of £200 each, with a preference for outreach with an ecumenical dimension. Any Christian group in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire may apply. The form can be found here…


New Ecumenical Facilitator Appointed for CT Herts – Doral Hayes

Having grown up as an interchurch child I have been involved in ecumenism from an early age, I was raised within the Church of England and the local independent Free Church.   After a journey through several different churches in my early adulthood, I found my spiritual home within the Church of England.   My husband, Declan is a Catholic and our children, Amelia and Dylan, attend both Anglican and Catholic schools.

After completing my degree in Health and Community Studies I spent ten years working for medical and educational charities, followed by another ten years working in learning and development roles. In 2013 I became the Executive Development Officer of the Association of Interchurch Families, supporting and speaking for interchurch families as well as communicating their witness and service and the opportunities they bring to the Church and to Christian Unity. Throughout this role I have worked with both the national Churches and the national ecumenical instruments, CTE and CTBI.   I am currently the Chair of Bodies in Association with CTE and CTBI, a group of ecumenical organisations working across the UK, and am part of the CTBI working group editing the resources for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.   I will continue in this role alongside my position as Ecumenical Facilitator for CT Herts.

In my local area I am a lay preacher, retreat and housegroup leader and I also am currently completing my MA in Contemporary Christian Theology at Newman University. I am delighted to be taking on the role Ecumenical Facilitator for Churches Together in Hertfordshire and look forward to working together to further promote Christian Unity across the county.

Please do contact me at 

CTE Publish Theos Report on Ecumenism in England

In September 2017 CTE published the Theos report into its work and into ecumenism across England. This report provides a snapshot of contemporary ecumenism in England. It tells the story of how ecumenism has changed and describes a movement that is now sitting at a critical juncture as it looks to the future. The report focuses primarily on Churches Together in England, the main ecumenical body operating in England. It identifies the strengths of the organisation and discusses the challenges it now faces. ‘The report concludes with some suggested possibilities for the future, making some tentative recommendations for Churches Together in England as an organisation. It is our hope that this report will serve to provoke fresh debate about the purpose, focus, and direction of ecumenism as it develops over the coming years.’

Click here to find out more and download the report

Chair: Revd Stephen Copson

Churches Together in Hertfordshire unites in pilgrimage those churches in the area which, acknowledging God’s revelation in Christ, confess the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord according to the Scriptures, and in obedience to God’s will and in the power of the Holy Spirit commit themselves:
To seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another
in the Church, which is his body; and
To fulfil their mission to proclaim the Gospel by common witness and service in the world:

To the glory of one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Facilitator: Doral Hayes